Hello Loves! Welcome to our two 2022 charity events raising money for families in need.

1) Zoom Meet & Greet (ends May 31, 2022)
2) Multi-item Charity Raffle (now closed)

Below you'll find full information and can purchase tickets for either or both of our events this year.

For those who wish to participate without buying event tickets,
you are welcome to donate (any amount) to the cause here:

Event 1: Zoom Meet & Greet

Covid has interrupted our 'Unicorn Party/charity dinner' once more - so I have come up with a brand new adventure for us - that ANYONE can join in around the world! This is a very special one-of-a-kind offering that you can CUSTOMIZE to make it perfect for YOU! Our dinner normally offers 2 hours of time together for laughter, stories and catching up. This year I'm offering a ZOOM 2 hour MEET & GREET (ends May 31, 2022) with me via Zoom. **These meet-ups can be scheduled as soon as payment arrives. No waiting. Let's book a lunch/dinner/tea/drinks session together and catch up!

  • Yes, these can be group meet ups with friends, loved ones, couples etc (one ticket per device required).
  • Yes, you can use the time to ask me any XWP questions you've always wanted the answer to.
  • Yes, you can buy these virtual meet ups as gifts for others (perfect birthday gift etc!) and yes you can buy multiple sessions for yourself and others.

  • Also, some of you know I'm also the proud owner of the media consulting firm Plan A...you can also use this virtual meet-up time as a professional consulting session or coaching session with me. So...if you are a writer, a filmmaker, a content creator of any sort (or you hope to be) - use this time as a one-on-one master class with me to dig deep into understanding the business and having your questions answered.

  • Want to know everything about voice over acting?
  • Want to learn the proper way to submit to an agent?
  • Want to understand how to break into the biz?
  • Want to learn how to take a proper headshot?
  • Want to consult with me about your script, film, novel, or other creative project?
  • Want to know the in's and out's of working on a set, working with a crew etc? This is your chance to ask me anything about working in media.

  • I am happy to talk specifics about your project, to offer feedback/guidance, to help craft an idea, form a query letter, teach how to get into V.O. work/acting or how to successfully submit your script etc. (essentially any media topic can work) A lot of clients just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction, with advice they can trust to make an enormous difference in their work. And for those who need more attention, this is a way to introduce the services of Plan A while benefiting families in need.

    I am making 35 Zoom sessions available with me. Must be used within 6 months of purchase. Yes, you can buy for others, yes you can buy multiple sessions with me, yes, this is a limited time offer as this is more time for less money than is normally charged via Plan A and yes, the funds will support families in need. Once payment is made you can contact me via facebook or here to schedule a time. I will be booking these meetings to happen as soon as possible. Zoom is free and can be used on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

    To me, 2022 is about reconnecting, and I wanted to offer something that truly gave a sense of connection where you are seen, heard and get a full experience one on one, or in small groups... even if it still cannot be face to face. I cannot wait to catch up with you and/or assist with your creative project.

    To purchase a Virtual Meet & Greet w/ Adrienne or a consultation w/ Adrienne via Plan A for $250 click here:

    Buy A Virtual Meet & Greet - Paypal

    Event 2: Multi-item Charity Raffle (now closed)

    Thank you to all of our 2023 raffle participants. (Winners who were not in attendance at the live drawing will be contacted immediately to receive their item).

    Our 10 winners:

    Gold ticket: Ashley Rodriguez
    2023 Xenite Retreat ticket: Linda Burnett
    Autographed In The Tub book: Lori Martin
    Xena/Gab dolls: Sara Luysterborg
    Trading cards Margaret Kirkpatric
    In the Tub book: Lesleigh Rosen
    Vintage Xena Poster: Mikey Koert
    3 piece art print set: Andrew Hunter
    Xena booty print: Raychal Ashton
    Xena/Gab hands print: Nichole Collier

    Thank you all for participating.
    Your generosity and commitment to the Greater Good never ceases to amaze me.
    I'm so proud of what we are able to create together.