Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2023
events, check back soon to see our offerings for 2024
or buy a meet-n-greet below.


As an ongoing charity option there will be 4 sessions available per month with proceeds to charity!

Make it a fun fan Meet & Greet, or you also have the option of meeting with me as a creative consultant via my media consulting firm Plan A - use this time as a one-on-one master class, a deep dive into understanding the business, a coaching session, project consultation or an ask-me-anything about the biz.

Grab a ticket and let's connect!

  • One ticket per device required.
  • We have 4 sessions available per month.
  • Must be used within 90 days of purchase
  • Zoom is free and can be used on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Meetings are scheduled as soon as payment is received
  • Yes, you can have multiple people on a single device (couples, families, friends etc)
  • Yes, you can be anywhere in the world. All meetings are via Zoom or GoogleMeet.
  • Yes, you can use the time to ask me any XWP (or other project) questions you've always wanted answered.
  • Yes, you can buy these virtual meet ups as gifts for others (perfect birthday gift etc!)
  • Yes, you can buy multiple sessions for yourself and others. (no limit as long as inventory is available)

  • To purchase a Virtual Meet & Greet w/ Adrienne (or a creative consultation) for $250 click here:

    Buy A Virtual Meet & Greet - Paypal

    Congratulations to our 2023 raffle winners!

    Ssword: Lynn G
    Quilt: Diana C
    In the Tub: Jess B
    4 action figure set: Felicia F
    Trading cards: Linda P
    Comic books: Shankari P
    Trek Set: Anna T
    4 shirts/3 cds/art: Jess B
    Figure/ugs, luggage tags: Alice V
    4 action figure set Jamie S
    Bobble Head: @ XR
    Cereal Boxes: Carmela S
    Xwp sweatshirt: Mikey K
    t-shirts, travel mug: Felicia F
    2 tshirts: Sophie H
    2 trading cards: Robin H
    Lucy mouspad/pic: Jill B
    Kevin pic/ bookmarks/Lucy pics: Carmela S
    Mini sword: Jess B
    6 mag set: Eric S
    4 magazines + storage box: Christine B
    luggage tag/keychains/magnet: Christine B
    Meet +greet: Lesleigh R

    Thank you all for participating.
    Your generosity and commitment to the Greater Good never ceases to amaze me.