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Adrienne Wilkinson may be best known for playing Livia/Eve, the sometimes warrior, sometimes saint, daughter of Xena on the TV series "Xena: Warrior Princess," the most widely watched show in the world during its six year run. She started on television in an episode of "Sweet Valley High," and moved on to "Saved By The Bell: The New Class," "Chicken Soup for the Soul," and had several guest appearances on MTV's show "Undressed." She starred as Nikki on the US version of the dramedy series, "As If." She has appeared in guest spots on the series "Angel," as a cheeky flapper from the 1920s; as Linda Browning in NBC's popular soap opera "Days of Our Lives;" 'Phoebe in disguise' on the eighth season premiere of the WB show "Charmed;" Melody on the ABC show "Eyes;" and was the love interest of Dr. Ray Barnett on the hit NBC drama "ER," where the plot of a spectacular building collapse nearly killed her character. Her most recent projects include playing Captain Lexxa Singh in "Star Trek: Renegades," as well as series regular roles in the sitcom "Goodnight Burbank" and the soap "Venice: The Series." Adrienne has also recently starred in "The American Failure," "Cyril," and the action/horror film "Raze" as well as as radio series "Suspense."

Her film career includes the lead role in "Reflections," (directed by Barry Caldwell and starring Zoe Bell, James Morrison, Louis Lombardi, Jim Beaver, and Matt Long), and "Lakeshore Drive," (written and directed by Michael Grais and starring Adrienne and Peter Dobson). She also appeared in the film "Pomegranate," was the female lead in the Sci-Fi channel film "Alpha Force" and Missy Blue in the film "The American Failure." Adrienne's producer credits include the films "Perfection" and "Seconds," which showcases a woman's triumph over depression and self-injury.

She is sought after for her voice over work, which includes more than 50 characters in video games, cartoons, and commercials. She stars as the voice and on camera likeness of female Jedi Maris Brood in the "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" video game franchise and can be heard as the character 'Daughter' in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

Adrienne is also known for her charity work, which includes a focus on literacy programs, animal welfare, and children. Her website ( hosts an annual charity auction each November which helps to support families dealing with medical expenses.

  • March 2008: won Best Actress in the Beverly Hills Short Film Festival for her role as Carol Anderson in the film "Reflections," directed by Barry Caldwell. More than 50 films were in competition.
  • November 2008: won Best actress at the Big Easy Shorts Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana for her role as Carol Anderson in the film "Reflections," directed by Barry Caldwell.
  • July 2008: won Honorable mention at the Long Island International Film Expo, for her role as Carol Anderson in the film "Reflections," directed by Barry Caldwell.
  • July 2008: Nominated for best actress at the Action-On-Film Festival in Los Angeles California, for her role as Carol Anderson in the film "Reflections," directed by Barry Caldwell.

  • In spring of 2008 multiple actions figures, trading cards and other merchandise premiered for her character Maris Brood from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Maris is known as the sexy new female Jedi in the Star Wars Universe.
  • Her commercial roster includes:
      - National commercial for Toyota Tacoma
      - Print ad campaign for Aspex Eyewear
      - International Fuji Film print ad campaign
      - Commercial for "What Happens in Vegas"
  • She also works consistently as a host, public speaker and in appearances for fundraisers, charity events, and appearances for fans at media conventions. She is sought after for her entertaining stage presence, vast industry knowledge and her loyal fan following.
  • Adrienne has two younger sisters and one younger brother. Her sister, Tracey Bradley, is a director and producer with Pulse Studios.
  • studied with acting teacher and veteran actor, Ken Lerner and others.
  • Her website was established in 2000.
  • Adrienne graduated from Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri. Alumni include Brad Pitt, Lucas Grabeel, and Jay Kenneth Johnson.
  • Her heritage includes Irish, English, Scottish, Cherokee, Danish, and German.
  • She produced and starred in "Closer" by Patrick Marber at Stages Theater in Hollywood. Adrienne played the role of Alice Ayers.
  • Adrienne grew up as a dancer, studying and performing everything from tap, ballet, jazz, ballroom and hip hop, to Scottish Highland, Irish dancing and even gymnastics. In high school, she was a choreographer and performer with PRIDE theatrics, a dancing, singing and theater group that toured and performed for local high schools. She also established the dance troupe New Sensations, which performed every summer through her teens.
  • She was part of the short-lived girl's pop group S.L.A.M.M. Adrienne sang the theme song to the film "Reflections," 'My Own Little World'.
  • Adrienne has worked with more than two dozen charities -- including literacy programs, animal rescues and scholarship funds for students whose lives have been affected by cancer. Some of the charities include:
  • Book Pals
    Hunger Site
    Rainforest Site Food Forward
    Habitat for Humanity
    Children's Hospital Los Angeles
    National Society for Phenylketonuria
    Games for Soldiers
    The Peace Fund
    Tom's Shoes One for One
    One Laptop Per Child
    Adopt a Pet
    American Red Cross
    Donate Life America
    James Ellis Foundation
    Sword and Staff

    Kevin Smith Foundation
    c/o Robert Bruce Agency
    41 Livingstone St.
    Grey Lynn

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