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1 - How did you start the acting career?

I had always been a dancer. When I was 17 I joined a theater group. My first week with the theater group I met a casting director who offered me a job on a soap opera in New York. While I didn’t take that job...the experience confirmed the fact that I loved acting and could realistically pursue acting as a career. A year later I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time.

2 – Your career is really diversified: dance, theater, cinema, TV and now video-games. What comes next? What is Adriane Wilkinson planning to her future?

Much more! I hope that you will see me in future film, television series, and many more projects. There are tons of new characters I would like to explore, many additional projects and so many new adventures I would like to have in my career.

3 – You already worked dubbing in a lot of jobs as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. What is best: working with dubbing or with acting as it is properly?

Adrienne no jogo Star Wars: The Force Unleashed como Maris Brood

I’ve never done dubbing. (this is re-voicing a previously recorded role). In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I was the full performance. I was one of 5 lead actors who’s work was recorded entirely in motion capture, on film and with voice recording. So in the game, I am Maris Brood – it is my voice, but also the character is actually me – physically and in the performance. Its an entirely new kind of technology we used.

But yes, I have also voiced about 40 additional animated characters in other videogames and additional project. The great part about voice work is that you can play characters that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to on screen - any age, any ethnicity, any type.

I love to do voice work – but working on screen is my favorite.

4 – How was the invitation to participate on Xena, Warrior Princess? You were involved with another project, so how Xena came up in your life?

I was involved in another project when Xena came along. It was a normal audition that landed me the job. At first I was able to do both jobs...but eventually Xena took up so much of my time that I had to choose. Acting is my first love, so I chose to continue my role on Xena. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

5 – In the moment you would interpret Livia/Eve, you did know it was a great role, after all, it was the daughter of Xena. However, did you have any idea of the grandiosity of the role and about the series repercussion? How did your opinion regarding Xena change, I mean, how it was before, during and after the filming, how your own look of the show has been changed?

I knew very little about the role when I was hired. Production had intentionally mislead people on the details. It was only after I was hired and arrived in New Zealand that I was told I was playing the daughter of Xena. Also I was originally hired for only 3 episodes, but once they liked my performance, my role was expanded.

I wasn’t very familiar with the show when I was hired. Working on it was one of my favorite experiences. And I look back on it fondly.

6 – I believe it is a consensus among Xenites that you were wonderful playing Livia, and she was a greater character in fact. And regarding Eve there have been scenes such in “Coming Home”, with that delicious speaking (“You don’t want to make me angry”) and others that demonstrated a little of the old Livia inside her. How much of the warrior Livia was still in Eve exactly? Do you think it existed the possibility of, someday, Eve regress to fight as a warrior, but this time for the good?

Livia was a great character, and it was wonderful to have such good feedback. I’ve always felt that he strength of Livia was still lurking inside of Eve, and that given enough time and discipline, she would have learned how to use all parts of her personality to fight for good. I always hated that she had become so meek, but I think she had to as she was so new to the transitions within her.

8 - Did you feel comfortable about working with Lucy Lawless, Renée O’Connor and all those “veterans” when you first arrived in the set?

It was a wonderful cast to work with. Lucy and Renee are both spectacular. Love them so much. They taught me a ton and were great examples to follow.

9 – The transformation of Livia-Eve must have been pretty difficult for you, as an actress. They were both the same person, and on the other hand with completely different personalities. How was your Eve’s construction, from the portrait you already had of Livia? There was some challenge regarding these such distinct emotions each part of this character had to cross through? Which was the part you liked the most to interpret?

I was hired to play Livia with no idea that ‘Eve’ existed. It was definitely difficult for me to switch personalities. I had so much fun playing Livia – and Eve was far more reserved. It was a great challenge to do justice to such a variety of characters.

10 – Another point of this transformation is that Livia was such a strong, determinate, fearless character, to summarize, an independent woman. But then the transformation happens and Eve is so emotional dependent, destitute. Did you want to put this in the character to make a difference between Eve and Livia, or do you think is was how Eve really was feeling after 25 years without a mother?

I think the answer is that it was a combination. Livia was fearless, but she also was never given the chance to show her vulnerability. I think the transformation back to Eve left her destitute and empty in many ways. She was re-experiencing a childhood she missed out on, and was slowly figuring out who she was, who she was becoming and just rebuilding her life. So yes, there had to be a major difference between the two characters to showcase the diversity of her life and experience.

11 – There are three scenes that lights up a lot of doubts among XWP fans, I mean, there are more than that; but three in particular about the “involvement” that happens between Livia/Eve and Varia (Tsianina Joelson). The first one is that magnificent scene of Varia’s memory about Livia killing her sister in “Path of Vengeance”. You two were just amazing. But inside of Livia’s character’s perspective, do you have any explanation about why Livia did not kill Varia, neither made her a slave as with the other amazons? This is really a big curiosity.

I think that as as evil as Livia could be, she still had moments of humanity that appeared when she least expected. I also think she admired Varia. And I honestly don’t even think that Livia understands at that moment why she lets Varia go. In fact, she probably regrets it soon afterward. But I think that moment shows a spark of grace and reserve that you see fully realized when she becomes Eve.

12 – The second scene is in “Coming Home”. In the beginning of the episode, it turns obvious that Varia had not knowledge Eve was actually Livia, but how about in Eve’s concern? Did you interpret as if she knew it or she was truly absent-minded about that amazon in particular?

I imagine Varia never expected to see Livia again, so seeing her out of context and in such an unexpected way probabaly didn’t register with her immediately. That or she may have just blocked it out for a while, as it was such a terrible memory for her.

I also truly think that Livia has killed so many people that she doesn’t even remember the people she has hurt in her past. It is only when her memory is sparked that she puts the pieces together again. As opposed to absent minded, I just think her focus at that point in the story is so far from her past, that it takes more to connect the dots in her memory.

13 – Another scene, also in “Coming Home”, was the scene in the cabin in which Varia and Eve show off to each other. What do you think they were trying to demonstrate? It was warrior’s proud, it was something sexual, what do you think it was?

While it was a bit sexy, the scene was all about showing off. It was about proving strength and superiority. It was bragging and topping the others accomplishments. I think anyone who shows confidence is sexy – so that scene shows off both characters and makes them appealing.

114 – Just a few more words about “Path of Vengeance”. It was the second episode with you and Tsiana Joelson, it was her again, it was the amazons again, it was Eve having to confront against her past another time. Did she resolve her problems with Varia? Making a summary of you two in the episode, in a few words, it was: face slap – judgment – sentence – forgiven – hugging – and abandonment. Why was that?

Like many episodes I was part of, we filmed so much that ended up on the cutting room floor. Sadly there is so much great material, so many juicy scenes that were lost so that they would fit the time frame of an episode. Because of those edits, a lot of story has to be filtered down into just a few moments. I hated how much had to be cut out of Path of Vengeance. I wish we could see all of what was filmed. I agree that it seemed very hurried. Originally there was additional material that supported those story points, so they originally made more sense.

15 – There was any other actor that, just as you did, made part of the cast only in the last two seasons of XWP which you identified to the most? Who would be that person and why this proximity?

In terms of actors who worked on the show in only the last two years....I would have to say Gregg Lee and I were hired at the same time, so we definitely bonded as we went through the experience of joining the cast together. Also Tsianina and I got along really well, and I loved working with her.

16 - In another interview you said it was great to work with Tsianina Joelson and you had a lot of fun in the set. But you were playing characters with a very heavy history, a heavy emotional burden. Did you talk about that? I mean, what did you talk about, in the shooting breaks?

We absolutely talked in depth about our characters histories and how they would interact because of their past. But also on set we were working such long hours, that we loved just getting to know each other and hanging out with everyone on set between scenes.

17 – Some fans will not forgive me if this question may not be made. Everyone in the series: you, Lucy Lawless, Renée O’Connor, Tsianina Joelson, Kevin Smith, and so on, all of you have a huge number of fans here in Brazil. Could you comment a little bit about working with them? Is that something you learned from them?

Sure, I learned something from every actor I worked with on the show. It was a lovely group full of such beautiful people. Lucy taught me about discipline on set – she was a great leader and always gave 100% and always had a great time too. Renee is incredibly generous as an actor – she is wonderful to work opposite of and she was a great example when learning fight scenes, Tsianina is a really joyful person who was so fun to work with- and also an amazing fighter. Kevin was one of the funniest people I’ve worked with. I worked with him a lot in my first couple of days, and he always made me comfortable, even when I was nervous. Ted was also so funny to be around, and he always told great stories.

18 – One of the most interesting scenes was the one inside the temple in “Eve”, in the conversion from Livia to Eve. It is pretty dramatic, but did not end without being a little comic, in my opinion. We make jokes here, once in a while, that people need to “see the light”. Because you were Livia in a moment with the strength, the passion for power, blood thirst and fury, and the next second she (Livia) says: “What have I done?”. I mean, it is SUCH a dramatic transformation and it happened just with a light shine. When you read how the scene would be, how did you react? And how was your preparation to it?

You never know what a scene will look like with the special effects incorporated. But I knew it had the potential to be a really moving scene. While the transition could seem easy from the outside, the truth is that the light was just the beginning. The actual change came because of what the light showed to her. The history...her past, her heritage and what brought her into being. I think it allowed her to be vulnerable, or just reached places that she never allowed herself to examine. Seeing the truth so plainly is what allowed her to have a change of heart and to rediscover ‘Eve’. While from the outside it was just a moment...in the light it was her whole lifetime, and even before – her entire creation and history.

19 – Livia’s fashion plate was truly very beautiful: it was the cape, the armor that was very well elaborated and, of course, the helmet. Was it uncomfortable to acting in fight scenes dressing so many clothes? Were they a trouble in any scene?

I LOVED Livia’s wardrobe, but yes it was a pain. It took more than a 1/2 and hour just to get dressed because it was such a complicated costume. It also weighed about 15 pounds which made it harder to fight in. The cape was always in the way, but I always wanted to wear it because it was so dynamic on screen.

20 – You did not like to see yourself on the screen. It remains until today, or it had change?

Its not that I don’t like it...its just a very strange experience. I never like to see something for the first time with an audience. I always prefer to see it by myself if possible. And I rarely watch anything multiple times. While I’m always proud of the work, I judge it harshly always looking for things I feel would make a performance even better. I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

21 – Adrienne, what was your reaction when you first read the script of “You Are There”, with Eve showing a side of hers a little “unlike”?

I laughed out loud. I love that episode, and I was so excited to get to give Eve a bit of a backbone again. It was so much fun to film.

22 – Livia called Gabrielle by “auntie Gabrielle”, but how do you believe Eve felt about Gabrielle? After all the time of acquaintance and episodes such as “Who is Gurkan”, “Haunted Amphipolis” and “Path of Vengeance”?

I wish the relationship between Eve and Gabrielle could have been explored more. I think it was a very complicated range of emotions they both felt. And I think they changed as time went on. I think at moments Eve loved Gabrielle, I think at moments she was jealous and at moments they were just trying to learn about and understand each other.

23 – Even being a crucial character to the series, some XWP fans say that Eve just appeared in the show to spoil the Xena & Gabrielle’s relationship. What is your opinion about it?

I find it sad whenever anyone says that, because it means they missed a major theme of the show. The entire reason for Eve’s existence was that it was forcing Xena to relive her past again. It was in parallel with the major theme of the show...redemption. No matter how much Xena tried to be good, she had a past of evil that she was trying to overcome and reconcile. Watching her daughter relive her same history was a major lesson for Xena. I thought it was a beautifully crafted part of the show that allowed Xena to examine her life and how it effects all of those around her. The fact that she also dealt with daughter and relationship issues along the way just added another level to the show.

24 - What’s your opinion about the so-called subtext in Xena Warrior Princess?

Some people see it plainly, and some people don’t see it at all. I think its all about perspective and what different audiences are examining more closely. I love that so many different types of people have such a connection to the show. So many people get different experiences and different emotional journeys while watching the same story.

25 - What do you think of New Zealand? Do you miss it?

New Zealand is a wonderful country. I recommend that anyone who gets the chance to go – goes immediately. The people are so lovely and so nice to be around. And the country is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen or ever been to. You can see so much in such a short amount of time. Beaches – white and black sand-, forests, cities, farms, caves, mountains...just about everything you could want to see is in this tiny little country.

26 – How is your relationship with the fans when the subject is Livia/Eve? Not only XWP fans, but your own fans too, do they use to comment about this character? And about YOUR relation with the character, is there some aspect of her which you feel identification?

I think in general most fans of XWP loved Livia and liked Eve. And most fans of mine are also familiar with my work on XWP and love how different it is from anything else I’ve done. It was such a wonderful experience and I think that everyone can see how much joy it gave me, and what a diverse experience I had with the cast, crew, stunts and just learning to sink my teeth into such characters and events.

27 – We just want to say how we appreciate the opportunity of interviewing you, how much we enjoyed your participation in XWP, and how kind you are to answer all of our questions. We, Xenites, wish only the best for you. So what are your future projects? Will you appear in another series, maybe movies, what do you have to tell us?

Of course, you’re welcome. Thank you for your interest, and thank you so much for continuing to follow my career. I have so many things that I hope to do in the future, and I am so lucky to have so many amazing fans, that keep up with me, and will hopefully follow me to new projects.

I have a few new things in the works, but the most current one is Alpha Protocol a videogame that will be released this spring. I play Mina Tang the lead female. The game is similar to the Bourne Identity movies – international spys and poitical espionage etc.

I will post more informaton on my other projects when I can. You can always visit www.adriennewilkinson.com and www.myspace.com/adriennewilkinson for the latest updates. I also want to mention that every year I host a charity auction where I donate all of my entertainment memorabilia to raise funds for families dealing with medical emergencies. I hope everyone will participate in those. Also, all merchandise sales from my website, go to support charity as well. My next auction will be in conjunction with ausxip.com in just a few weeks. I hope everyone will check it out and participate!

28 - When do you think you are going to attend another Xena Con? If there was a Xena Convention in Brazil, would you come to visit us?

Of course, I would love to attend an event in Brazil! I would jump at the chance. There are so many amazing fans from Brazil that I would love to meet in person. Xena conventions are so much fun, and the fans and cast always love them. I hope to see you all at one in the future!