Adrienne Wilkinson Interview

Lance Stanford August 24, 2013

Recently we had the joy of talking to Adrienne Wilkinson about what she’s been up to lately and what she has in the future.  Most of you first met Adrienne when she played Xena’s daughter Eve in the final few seasons of the show.  Since then she has had numerous roles in television shows and video games.  More recently she has stepped behind the camera.  Let’s find out more.  On to the questions!

timthumb.phpAlmost Nerdy (AN): Why don’t you tell us what you’ve been working on lately.

267946_346746168778350_1564575108_nAdrienne Wilkinson (AW): Lately I’ve been a busy little bee.  In early 2014 a film I’m part of called Raze will be coming out.  It’s an action/horror film and it stars Zoe Bell.  It’s about a group of women that are kidnapped and forced to fight each other to the death.  It’s quite dramatic but it’s also a really interesting film because normally that’s the kind of thing you get to see men doing, all those fight scenes.  There are more than 20 fight scenes in this movie and it’s all women.  It’s pretty intense.

AN: That’s cool. You’ve been acting since you were younger.  When you’ve gotten to this point how do you feel that roles have changed? From when you were on Xena, just being a sidekick, to being more of a lead and predominant.  How was that transition?

AW: Naturally as you age the roles get better because as people age they get more interesting.  So you have just more depth and meat in the roles and I do think that there has been a progression in the last 10-15 years where the writing on television has just gotten better and better.  I think it’s a real renaissance of TV right now of just brilliant writing.  I also think that it’s, and I say this sincerely, I think it is the most difficult it’s ever been to be in the business.  The revenue structures are just all a mess right now.  No one can figure out how to make money.  Everyone is scared.  It’s easier than ever to make anything so ironically it’s actually more difficult to get attention because there are so many more projects you’re competing with.  So, in one hand it’s great because if creatively you just want to scratch that itch there’s all kinds of stuff being made but you might have to work for free.  I think it’s actually even more difficult than it’s been to get in front of those real meaty opportunities.

AN:  Speaking of other roles, you do some work behind the camera too.  Tell us how that’s different from what you’re used to?

mv5bmtkzntk5ndqzm15bml5banbnxkftztcwnjq1mtq4nw-_v1-_sy314_cr60214314_AW:  Well, I kind of have a producer’s brain.  I’m a type A personality so even when I’m “just acting” on set I’m always thinking in broader terms.  I’m sort of a bit of a mother hen personality so I just have that view point of looking at things from a wider perspective and I think that really suits me to producing.  I’ve helped, produced or been one of the producers on a handful of projects now and I’m looking to do more and more of that.  I’m not sure what else I’ll do.  I just recently wrote my first project that will be shot within the next 30 days, so I’m excited about that but also a little terrified.  The other thing about technology being so friendly is that it forces you to be brave and jump on board so that you’re not left behind.  I have this interview project I’ve been doing.  I have a lot of irons in the fire right now.

AN: If someone wants to check out your stuff and find you online, what’s the best way for them to see your work?

AW:  I’m easy to find. is my website; I also have Facebook Adrienne.wilkinson, and Twitter @yo_adriennew and I have a YouTube channel.  You can find me and I hope you will!

Adrienne WilkinsonAdrienne was a great person to talk to and I’m really excited to see all the upcoming projects she’s working on.  She will also be featured in the fan favorite series Star Trek: Renegades early next year.