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1) My first question is a tradition on our website : Adrienne... Subber or Shipper ? In other words what do you think of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship ?

My interpretation of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship, is that they were soul mates. I think the series never hesitated to support that idea. I think they needed each other and fulfilled something in each other that allowed them both to conquer fears and find successes that they wouldn't be able to find otherwise. 

2) In Xena Warrior Princess, your character has many facets. First of all, the bloodthirsty Livia, then the pacifist Eve. Which part of your character have you prefered ? Why ?

When I was origianally hired, I was hired to play Livia - without any knowledge of Eve, or of the transformation that would happen. Once I found out, I was excited to have the chance to play such different characters. I thought Eve's journey was a beautiful story that I was honored to play....but Livia was definitely more fun. I love the fight scenes and the strength that Livia always carried herself with. 

3) Livia's role is very sportive. Did you do your own stunts ? Did this role need a big training ?

Yes, I did many of my own stunts. I did not have any formal training, but I was a dancer, so I picked up movement and choreography quickly. All of the actresses had stunt doubles and horse riding double - both for safety, and because we didn't have a lot of time, so the doubles could provide additional footage to support what we had shot. I did not do any of the wire work (the flips during the fights) but otherwise I did all of my own fighting in the battles. I also dealt directly with fire, horses, wind machines, rain machines, spiders etc. It was quite the adventure. 


4) By looking through your official website, we have seen that there is a lot of pictures and fanarts about Xena and your character in the show. Do you miss your role in the show ? Do you still have contacts with the other actors ?

I had a wonderful time working on Xena. It has been one of my favorite jobs to do. So yes, I look back fondly on my time on the show, and I miss it. I love the art that fans create and send to me (the photo's, the videos, etc). There are so many talented artists in the Xena community and I love sharing their work on my site. I also display much of it on Facebook and myspace... And yes, I've stayed in touch with many of the people I worked with on the show - actors and crew. 

5) Did you watch the show before playing in it ? Do you watch it today ?

I haven't watched the show in years. Although I've caught clips of it here and there, which always makes me smile and reminisce. I was familiar with the show when I was hired, but I hadn't watched a lot of it. When I booked the role of Livia, I was given 3 episodes to watch, to help me prepare. Later, when I had time, I then watched the series. I love the freedom the show had - to go from drama, to comedy, to musicals etc. And I love that it told a beautiful epic story, without taking itself too seriously. It was able to successfully cover so much territory and always be entertaining. 

6) A lot of Xenites in the world ask for a Xena movie. Do you think that such a project is feasible ? Would you accept to play Eve/Livia again in a Xena movie ?

I know that many fans wish to see a Xena movie. I think almost everyone involved would be open to the opportunity to be part of a film based on the series. I loved the role of Livia/Eve, and I would love to see where she ended up and what happened to her after the series ended. I have no idea how likely that is to ever happen. It would be very complicated to gather everyone together again..but its cool to think about. 

7) European and particularly French Xenites yearn for an Official Convention in France. If it happens someday, would you accept to come and to meet your European fans (there are numerous !) ?

I would *love* to. France is such a gorgeous place to visit, and I always have a fantastic time meeting Xena fans. So I would love to attend an official convention in France. I hope it happens. 

8) You make a lot of dubbing for video games. Have you got a favorite one ? 

My favorite videogame project to work on, was probably Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. My character Maris Brood is very similar to Livia/Eve as her story has both an evil and a good side. She was smart, strong, sexy and a skilled fighter. She had a very interesting backstory and storyline. There is much left to explore of that character, so I hope to see her in additional Star Wars projects. 

9) Would you like to dub for the cinema and cartoons for example ? 

Yes, I would love that. I've done a bit of cartoon work (check my website for future updates about 3 different animated projects I am currently working on). And I hope to be part of many additional animated projects in the future. And of course I hope to continue with my on camera work. I have a handful of projects that I have shot, that have yet to be released. I will post updates when those projects are available - and when I have new projects to look out for. I'd like to send out a huge thank you to all of the fans who continue to support me and my career. Xena fans are the best!!

10) To conclude : which question have you never been asked that you would like to answer ?

Hmmmm. I'm not sure if I can think of something that has never been asked. 

But I do hope that everyone will keep a look out for my annual charity auction. I sell autographed photos and other items year round on my website, with 100% of proceeds going to charity. And international shipping is included. Just click on 'SHOP' of the menu bar at my site. And each year I host an auction where I sell scripts, props, wardrobe, photos and other items - with all proceeds going to support families dealing with health crisis and medical expenses. 

Thank you so much for having given us some of your time.
French Xenites will be very happy to have news from you.

Thank you for the opportunity to connect with the French Fans.