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Moderator: Welcome to the chat!

Adrienne is on the stage.

Moderator: jenata says: "Hi Adrienne"

Moderator: Eve says: "HI ADRIENNE!! WE LOVE YOU!!"

Adrienne: Hello Everyone!!!

Moderator: Welcome Adrienne!

Adrienne: Thank you for having me back- I had so much fun last time

Moderator: Grampa says: "Hi Adrienne!"

Adrienne: and I'm eager to see what we talk about this time around.

Moderator: Eve says: "YOU ARE THE BEST!!!"

Moderator: ButterCup says: "Hi Adrienne, welcome back!!"

Moderator: *AZ says: "Welcome back to the Xena Palace!"

Moderator: Killing Joke says: "Sweetie, you were sublime at Starfury. Will you be coming back ? :)"

Adrienne: ooh, thank you.

Adrienne: I loved Starfury, and I am scheduled to return this summer- hopefully I won't be ill :-)

Moderator: bigdog_2755 says: "how did u get the role as livia/eve"

Adrienne: Starfury was so much fun - and I met 6 people there that had been at the last chat here!!!

Adrienne: I got the role through auditioning

Adrienne: it was a regular audition - I was already booked on another project- so I didn't think I could take Xena

Adrienne: but it all worked out in the end- the other project fell through, and Xena offered me the job.

Moderator: Killing Joke says: "Lucky for us"

Adrienne: thank you!! it was lucky for me too

Adrienne: It has been so much fun - absolutely the time of my life

Moderator: jenata says: "Are you gonna sing in the new musical"

Moderator: Sakura says: "Can you really sing, Adrienne?"

Adrienne: I don't know- it completely depends on what the scripts call for, and if my schedule is open

Moderator: macie says: "Aren’t you in a band Adrienne?"

Adrienne: yes, I sing- but I've never done a filmed musical - I've heard they are tons of work so I'm a little nervous about being asked

Adrienne: yes, I was in a band but I've been out of the country more than I've been in the country this year

Moderator: jenata says: "I would love to hear you sing"

Adrienne: so I had to make a choice, and I chose Xena.

Moderator: Mary Taram says: "What kind of music does your band play?"

Moderator: macie says: "ohh i see "

Moderator: Killing Joke says: "Right on"

Adrienne: Rumor has it that I am supposed to sing at the Sacramento Con. - but nothing is official yet.

Adrienne: I have some ideas for it though if I do sing

Moderator: Killing Joke says: "Start practicing Joxer the Mighty"

Moderator: abbagirl says: "Yeah, aren't you and Ted doing the cabaret in Sacramento?"

Moderator: romeo says: "cant wait"

Adrienne: ya, losing the band was a big disappointment- but it was meant to be - I'm now even more focused on acting.

Moderator: Petunia says: "Will you be in Pasadena?"

Moderator: Sakura says: "I bet you're going to be fabulous."

Adrienne: Ya - Ted always does the cabaret - it will be my first one. I would love for us to coordinate- but I don't think there is time.

Adrienne: yes, I'll be in Pasadena

Adrienne: that one seems like so much fun- everyone should be there

Adrienne: It’s also nice that it is so close to home for me

Adrienne: I have no idea if there is a cabaret scheduled there or not though

Moderator: Darth Maul (Sith Lord) says: "HI Adrienne. I have a question for you how much did the armour you wore in Livia and in Eve weigh?"

Adrienne: It was heavy - probably 15 pounds (that's completely a guess)

Adrienne: but that wasn't the problem. I LOVED that outfit- but it was very painful to wear

Adrienne: the corset was so tight that I couldn't bend over- and it was literally tied in place- in about 10--12 different places

Adrienne: so it didn't let me move much - that was my biggest obstacle in the fight scenes.

Adrienne: that and I couldn't breathe in it very well - but I still LOVED it -

Moderator: Grampa says: "Are you scheduled for more eps? Perhaps the last one?"

Adrienne: No - at this time I'm not officially scheduled for more episodes - but we left the story line open

Adrienne: so that it is likely that I'll be back for one more trip - it just depends on exactly what the scripts call for

Adrienne: and if my schedule lets me go

Adrienne: it is still a bit sad that the show is ending

Adrienne: but I had so much fun with these last episodes

Moderator: Niva JCK says: "Ok my question to u is- Which ep in the 6th season was the more fun to shoot?"

Adrienne: My favorite scene of all of 6th season, hasn't aired yet - it will be in "You are There"

Adrienne: it is unlike anything I've ever done - on Xena, or anywhere else for that matter. I haven't even seen

Adrienne: the final version of it - but personally I thing everyone will love it, and find it hilarious

Adrienne: and I get a groovy new costume - so that made me love it too

Moderator: Callisto says: "Do you like playing the Good or Bad character? Livia or Eve?"

Adrienne: Um, I haven't changed on that one - I still relish and enjoy Livia a thousand times more

Adrienne: Eve is so honorable and kind and trying so desperately to do what is right, but

Adrienne: I hate the fact that Eve is no where near as smart as Livia - that drives me crazy.

Moderator: ArcAngel Xena says: "Is it fun playing Xena's Daughter?? Any stories to share?"

Adrienne: Eve never "gets" the plan - and she is so blinded by faith that she missed the point sometimes

Adrienne: Ya, playing Xena's daughter is freakin' cool! It’s the best adventure I've ever had

Moderator: J. Connell says: "Have you been satisfied with the way the role has developed?"

Adrienne: Every time I'm there, I conquer some new fear or find some new way to work- its been wonderful

Adrienne: Intellectually, I understand that the writers are making Eve make these choices to support her complete personality shift so that is nice to play

Moderator: Niva JCK says: "What would u change in Eve if u could?"

Adrienne: but when we were finished with “Motherhood”- I expected that I would come back and Xena and Gab and I would be kicking serious A** together and obviously that's not what has happened

Adrienne: I'm very challenged at times to justify why Eve makes the choices she does. My biggest frustration is the lack of closure for a lot of Eve's past events

Adrienne: The scripts have never called for conversation about Ares- which I think would make a great episode.

Adrienne: or conversation about X & G's relationship - or me and Gab really talking about everything. Or me being an Amazon Princess- or basically anything that is uncomfortable- and we never discuss Eve's past or even Xena's past for that mattr- I think those

Adrienne: would all be great choices to see developed in a script- but there simply hasn't been time, and they have had other adventures to tend too.

Moderator: abbagirl says: "What has been your favorite episode of Xena to do so far?"

Adrienne: My favorite episode ever was “Eve”. I loved everyday of filming that episode- I had so much fun, and I was LOVING Livia at that point.

Adrienne: I think that everyone wished more time could have been spent on Joxer’s death - but other than that, I thought that episode was wonderful!

Moderator: Petunia says: "I loved the scene with you and Gab in the tent!"

Adrienne: Every time I get a script I always rush through to see what will happen with Eve- but I've never been as thrilled as I was when I read "Eve" - it was great!

Adrienne: Although- that scene in "You are there" is my favorite Eve moment - I predict it will be a classic

Moderator: Nova says: "Metaphorically speaking, if Xena represents our internal struggles and Gabrielle represents a certain purity, innocence or love...what does Eve represent in the "redemption" path?"

Moderator: there's a nice easy one for you, Adrienne ...hehe

Adrienne: Eve is an exact replication of Xena's life. Every day Eve is reminding Xena of her past - and they are desperately reaching for happiness and contentment and peace through each others struggles

Moderator: Petunia says: "Good answer"

Moderator: Killing Joke says: "Talk about parent-child-bonding"

Moderator: Nova says: "good answer -- you must have been ready for that one!"

Moderator: she's a pro!

Adrienne: I think Eve is also a controversy and conscience to the show - especially now that Gab is such a great warrior also

Adrienne: I've just analyzed the heck out of my character- I always do

Moderator: Niva JCK says: "she's great"

Adrienne: that's why it is so hard for me to justify some of Eve's choices

Adrienne: they are so foreign to where her heart and instinct lie

Moderator: Callisto says: "They certain made the right choice when they picked you!"

Moderator: Sakura says: "Yeah!"

Moderator: Breen says: "You should be writing the script, you'd do a great job"

Adrienne: but I think that the irony is on purpose- I believe that Eve is trying to make choices that lead to pronouced differences between mother and daughter

Adrienne: I think she fights every step of the way to not just replicate Xena's life- she wants her own freedom

Moderator: Sakura says: "You mean different from her mother?"

Adrienne: yes- all of her natural instinct s would make her exactly like Xena

Adrienne: and I think she wants to have her OWN life- not just re live someone else’s- that's why I think she is now clinging to religion and trying to do just as much good as Xena- but in a different way

Moderator: Amber FCVP says: "will Callisto's role in the life of Eve ever be fully explored?"

Adrienne: No.

Adrienne: Much like all the other stuff- we will never discuss Callisto

Adrienne: There is simply too much baggage to cover it all

Moderator: ArcAngel Xena says: "Where do you see Eve going by the end of season 6 and the show? What would you, the actress like to see happen to her?"

Adrienne: Eve is truly an amazingly complex character- but they try to limit how much we get into issues that require a lot of time

Moderator: Baby J says: "Does Xena ever tell you about your brother Solon?"

Adrienne: I would love to see Eve fulfill her greatness - to become this incredible leader- that brings peace- but also that keeps fear at bay and keeps others from harm through her strength and wisdom - a good "Ceasar" combined with Mother Teresa

Moderator: Moderator's note: please do not submit the same question over and over again. I will get to as many as possible. Thanks!

Adrienne: NO, we never discuss Solan- in fact I didn't even know of his existence until someone asked me about it in an interview. There is SOOO much to keep track of :-)

Adrienne: I do think that Xena and Eve get closer to understanding each other in the next few episodes

Moderator: Oh, and remember I will not forward marriage proposals either! :)

Adrienne: They are so much alike- that they drive each other crazy!!!! They know exactly what will get under each other’s skin - but I think they come to a better understanding over time. Xena sees that Eve is still walking the same path that she is

Adrienne: just in a new and different way from herself

Adrienne: Its an interesting dynamic for us to play with.

Moderator: xenagemi says: "What do you plan to do after Xena?"

Adrienne: I'm already exploring new options.

Moderator: Amber FCVP says: "any that you can tell us about?"

Adrienne: I'm open to most things- film, tv, theater- I just want a new challenge- something I've never done before

Moderator: Guest 9254 says: "do you doing any new movie?"

Moderator: Sakura says: "Broadway!"

Moderator: J. Connell says: "Which do you prefer: TV, feature films, or theater?"

Adrienne: well, its pilot season- so I'm looking into geting attached to a new series - but they are also making a lot of films at the moment, so I'm also exploring that idea.

Moderator: jenata says: "I want to see you on big screen"

Moderator: Amber FCVP says: "I would like to hear your gorgeous voice on the stage"

Moderator: Callisto says: "Whatever you pursue, I am sure you’ll be great at!"

Moderator: Darth Maul (Sith Lord) says: "Good idea you will do great"

Adrienne: I love all of them. Theater is the most immediately satisfying. But Film and TV reach far more people and open up other opportunities faster. There are SOOO many roles I want to chase- so please cross your fingers for me

Moderator: macie says: "we will adrienne"

Adrienne: and the web site will always be up to date with news and updates

Moderator: Mary Taram says: "I promise."

Moderator: ButterCup says: "Is it true that there's a possibility of an Eve and Virgil spinoff?"

Adrienne: so, if I'm not on Xena anymore this spring- it will be because something delicious has happened

Adrienne: I've heard that- but I'm quite sure its just rumor. It doesn't fit with what has happened with my characters story line

Adrienne: plus Greg has a gig on Dark Angel - so I' m sure he's just as busy

Moderator: abbagirl says: "Yeah, someone asked Greg Lee about that in Palo Alto and he said he didn't think so..."

Moderator: Petunia says: "Have you heard anything about a couple of Xena TV movies?"

Moderator: Sakura says: "Xena movies would be great!"

Moderator: Amber FCVP says: "and will you be in them?"

Adrienne: Greg and I always thought that was funny - we kept being linked romantically when I had just killed his dad .....not such a great way to win a guy over

Moderator: jenata says: "LOL, Adrienne"

Moderator: Niva JCK says: "hehe funny!"

Moderator: Killing Joke says: "ROTFL"

Adrienne: I've actually heard that Xena movies probably wouldn't happen....but if they did- I would love to be included. Maybe a few years down the road everyone will want to revisit the story.

Adrienne: I'm not sure where the series wil leave the story - but I think that will determine weather movies are done later on

Moderator: Baby J says: "Do you miss your family when you are away in another country?".

Adrienne: Ya, I miss my family a lot. Actually I'm generally working so much, that I don't have much down time - but I do get quite a phone bill when I'm away. A few of them have come to NZ to visit me though- that was great!!

Moderator: Sakura says: "Do you like New Zealand? Is it great? Beautiful?"

Adrienne: Its amazing - I would love to retire there

Adrienne: I would move there sooner- if I didn't have to work

Adrienne: I heard someone describe NZ as "God rough draft of the earth" because NZ is tiny- but it has everything from deserts, mountains, white and black sand beaches, glaciers, volcanoes....its great

Moderator: xenagurl says: "Where are you from originally?"

Adrienne: I'm originally from Missouri in the mid western United States- that's where I've lived the most. Now I live in Los Angeles

Moderator: The Xena Elf says: "hi my hamsters still love you (jk i had to say that)"

Moderator: <waves to Elf>

Adrienne: Hi- I was wondering if you would be here- it was great meeting you at Cherry Hill

Moderator: Amber FCVP says: "I have to say that my toddler tries to do the Eve yell every time she sees you"

Moderator: Amber FCVP says: "she loves Eve!"

Adrienne: HA hahaha - that's great

Adrienne: I don't get to do that much anymore- but it is fun

Moderator: Darth Maul (Sith Lord) says: "I found your new site to be very good and I must let you know tell your web adminster to keep up the good work"

Moderator: Sakura says: "You have your own domain now!"

Adrienne: This last trip to NZ was great - but it was supposed to be summer- and it was the coldest NOV they had in over 50 years - it rained almost everyday - but the new episodes are great- brilliant writing and beautiful episodes.

Adrienne: Yes- I'm so proud and happy - it was a lot of work by a lot of people - but is up.

Moderator: J. Connell says: "How large is your fan club?"

Moderator: Darth Maul (Sith Lord) says: "I have your site listed to my favs"

Adrienne: Shawna is still in charge taking care of everything. We have a message board- that everyone is able to jump on - and we are still adding some features.

Moderator: Shawna FC Prez says: "44 members"

Moderator: Amber FCVP says: "well there is always room for more LoL"

Adrienne: I'm not sure how large the club is - but I'm told it is twice as large as Shawna expected for the first year.- so that's pretty cool

Moderator: Callisto says: "Whats it like having a fan club?"

Moderator: J. Connell says: "45 as of tomorrow (I'm joining TONIGHT!)"

Moderator: Niva JCK says: "The fan club's great!"

Moderator: Shawna FC Prez says: "yay!!!"

Moderator: romeo says: "i'll join!!"

Moderator: macie says: "46 I’m joining"

Moderator: Christin says: "yay!!"

Adrienne: Very cool. I never thought about having one- and certainly never expected to have a fan club. - it has been super-cool! (one of my favorite words)

Moderator: Sakura says: "You just got 14 more members, lol"

Adrienne: I love to check in on the message boards and hear what everyone is saying. - and just knowing there is interest, is wonderful

Adrienne: Yeah- I love new people

Moderator: xenagemi says: "were you totally blown away by all of this sudden fame?"

Moderator: Shawna FC Prez says: "next one to join gets a batch of fudge with their membership!!! :)"

Adrienne: The fan club has quite a few members from other country's too

Moderator: Christin says: "it's wonderful that you check in (at the board). Very much appreciated"

Moderator: Niva JCK says: "u come quite often to the message boards right?"

Moderator: Baby J says: "I already joined"

Adrienne: ya- I've been blessed this year. It has been a bit of a roller coaster in many ways- but I'm so grateful. I only hope it continues , but with all of the support I'm getting- I have no reason to doubt it would!! Thank you!!!!

Moderator: Niva JCK says: "welcome adrienne!!"

Moderator: Killing Joke says: "NO, THANK YOU !"

Moderator: J. Connell says: "Does it surprise you, this level of response and fan interest?"

Adrienne: I check the message boards about once a week - and the mail almost every day. I even have a request up on the boards for opinions for my new reel- the responses have been very helpful

Moderator: Callisto says: "Thank you for giving back to your fans!"

Moderator: Petunia says: "All your Xena fans will follow your career from now on"

Moderator: Christin says: "absolutely, we can't wait to see what's next!"

Adrienne: I love to hear that. The interest and feedback is so helpful!

Adrienne: Especially to see so many people follow Eve- as she has changes SOO much!

Moderator: xenagurl says: "How long have you been acting?"

Adrienne: For about 5 years.

Moderator: J. Connell says: "Do you have a favorite genre of role or character, or are you still exploring?"

Adrienne: Ton of them. I get a new obsession every week.

Moderator: Mary Taram says: "Did you take any acting classes?"

Adrienne: I think many writers are also getting braver and writing stuff that is less "safe" and less cliche and that is a wonderful trend.

Adrienne: Ya- whenever I'm home- I'm always in classes - just helps to keep all of the skils sharp- and help to explore characters that are unlike the roles I've been playing

Moderator: ok you guys, just a few more questions then Adrienne must go

Moderator: Christin says: "Is there a particular director or co-star that you've admired that you'd really like to work with someday?"

Adrienne: SOOO many. Every time I see a brilliant movie or a thrilling performance - I want to work with that person.

Moderator: Sakura says: "Who's your role model?"

Moderator: Killing Joke says: "Mata Hari lol"

Moderator: Mary Taram says: "LOL"

Adrienne: It’s been so exceptionally cool to work with so many different types of actors, and so many different people- in such changing scripts -I've had a huge amount of experience this year

Adrienne: ya, you must have been at star fury:-) I should have kept my mouth shut :)

Moderator: Amber FCVP says: "LoL"

Moderator: Christin says: "lol"

Adrienne: that is a sort of dream project. Such a cool woman to be able to live through

Moderator: ALWheaties says: "You've done such a GREAT job!!! :)"

Moderator: Sakura says: "No, a WONDERFUL job!"

Adrienne: I also read a novel the other day called “On a Pale Horse”- that would make a brilliant TV series. I would want to change the lead to a female- and make it modern day instead of futuristic, but I think it would be an amazing TV series

Moderator: Picky Vicki says: "Oh Piers Anthony! Love his books!"

Moderator: Amber FCVP says: "you are a special person to take such time from your life like this (and at the fan club) for your fans"

Adrienne: I love this stuff

Moderator: Petunia says: "Thanks for being so willing to talk to us"

Adrienne: It makes my day to hear feedback- I love the conventions and I love like speaking- so this coming year should be so much fun

Moderator: Alright Adrienne, I know you have to get going soon, so do you have any final words for the Xena Palacers today?

Adrienne: that was supposed to be public speaking - no clue what I was typing

Moderator: abbagirl says: "We love you Adrienne! Come back to Xena Palace any time! :)"

Moderator: Sakura says: "We all love you, Adrienne!"

Adrienne: Just that I absolutely love the new stuff we just shot...and I hope everyone follows us on this journey and enjoys it too. They are trying to finish up so many different plots- and they come up with some ingenious stuff - I hope you like it.

Moderator: Callisto says: "Thank you so much for being here, It means allot to so many! I hope you come back soon Adrienne! (We Love you!)"

Moderator: Picky Vicki says: "Have a great Holiday season Adrienne!!"

Adrienne: Thank you for having me back at the Palace- I love coming here-- you've all been so gracious and I love it. Happy Holidays

Moderator: macie says: "im sure we will love it adrienne"

Moderator: Breen says: "Happy Xmas Adrienne, and thank you"

Moderator: abbagirl says: "*starts singing* "Can you feel the love tonight...""

Moderator: Marieke says: "Thank you for the chat and for the e-mails. I hope to see you at the Starfurry Convention!"

Adrienne: ha- you guys are too much!

Moderator: You are welcome to come back ANY time, Adrienne. You are such a pro at this!

Moderator: Lucifer Girl says: "Thanks for making my day. Hope to see you at the Palace again."

Moderator: ROCxolan says: "Thank you Adrienne -- WE LOVE YOU!!!"

Adrienne: I'm just a hell of a typer- don't go overboard :-)- ha

Moderator: Killing Joke says: "Standing ovation, guys"

Moderator: Christin says: "Bravo, Adrienne!!"

Moderator: Everyone feel free to stick around and chat in the palace afterwards. Good night!

The PalacePresents event "Chat with Adrienne Wilkinson" is over.

Thank you for attending.