ORBzine - Adrienne Wilkinson [Sunday]

What's it like working with Michael Hurst?
Michael rocks! If you ever get the chance to see him in the flesh, take it. He's really into the theatre. He has 2 very beautiful children, one of them is the cutest little guy aged 3. Michael quotes Hamlet soliloqy.

One night after filming in NZ, Adrienne went to the theatre. The theatre cast were, well, okay. However, the actress in the Bernadette Peters role [a witch] who had a great voice, and kept the musical together. She told Michael Hurst the next day, and he cried. The actress was his wife!

He's really creative, and has great visual ideas. The punch scene - he needed new pants, because of the grass stains. His idea was that he jumped off a 3-ft apple box, and landed on his back.

Eve wore the rag costume because she gave up all worldly goods. The episode that was the 9th filmed but first shown, coming home, she wore the rags in the Alps! It was wide-weave burlap that caught on EVERYTHING! Hurst directed Who's Gurkhan?, and started with a wide-shot on everyone going to Gabby's house. Adrienne got caught on the gate. Greg turned and helped. Lucy turns, sees the confusion and calls - What are you DOING? M. Hurst [a mile away] shouts CUT!

Adrienne on Sunday How would you write Eve?
With her intelligence higher!

The task of messenger would be retained, but more realistic. Adrienne always played Eve as an addict, afraid to pick up a weapon in case she couldn't put it down again. Livia was THAT skilled, with THAT history - she can't not miss it.

What's it like playing a Fury?

They filmed too much in Motherhood, lots of it was cut.

What was up with Eve and Varia?
never picked up; think Eve's so celibate ...

What's your favourite audition?
Ones that I get! If they don't want you, do a good job. They'll remember you for something else. The best is when you KNOW you're perfect - you relax, confident, own the moment. It's an empowering feeling. A good audition is an emotional high.

Adrienne on Sunday What are your favourite lines?
You're not my mother. Rome is my mother.
Are you afraid of me?

Xena - We don't have to do this.
Livia - I know.

Livia's basically a snotty, out-of-control brat.

What did Eve/Livia think about Xena & Gabby?
Wow, I've got 2 moms!

Adriene was disappointed it was never explored. Eve was so desperate for family she accepted it instantly. She's so devout and religious she's afraid of disappointing her mother. At the beginning she was ridiculously jealous.

When the cast returned to film the show after the summer hiatus, Lucy Lawless said Treat it like a year and a half. It changes the relationship, and simplifies things.

Adrienne on Sunday Does the costume influence the portrayal?
Literally your clothes are your armour. There's the comfort/discomfort factor. The rags costume affected Adrienne's self-esteem, and she was freezing.

The Livia costume and posture were better, and she swaggered. The original fitting was brief. She never had a costume built from scratch before. It looked like a cheerleader skirt [before the armour and pants were ready]. She loved the costume, and wasn't so completely self-conscious.

She wasn't used to having cleavage, it gave her some fun little toys to play with.

How much of Eve is Callisto?
It comes out when Adrienne is around Hudson. Every time they meet they find new things they have in common. Adrienne was blessed with lots of Hudson's body language. Some things were put in deliberately, most things were accidental.

How did you feel about the Cursing scene?
None of the extras expected it. They had played Eli's followers before. They had one rehersal - pray, meditate, then Michael Hurst arrives and she goes off at him. One poor woman was shocked. It got censored in many markets. It was scheduled so that she missed the table-read. The first day she read it was on set. It was her first day back after a month. Nobody laughs on set because it ruins the sound. It was so much fun!

What would you change about the last episode?
In a selfish way she would like to find out what Eve's fate was. Chin's had religion for seven thousand years. I'm gonna bring them a new one.

She liked the last episode, and was very proud of it - almost to tears. It was extraordinary that it affected them.

Adrienne on Sunday Has work on "Xena" affected your life?
Adrienne - Yeah, I'm right here.

Adrienne got to work with weather machines, multiple cast members, and they had a new location every time. There were challenges and experiences.

If you weren't in "Xena", what would you be doing?
It depends who's asking. She has no qualms about TV, movies or music. Some people say I only do movies, but Adrienne says I only do cool characters.

At the Pasedena Con she was asked if she wanted a singing or acting career. She wouldn't give up acting for anything.

Do you hang out with the rest of the cast?
It's a very friendly cast. Lucy Lawless has hosted barbeques.

[ A girl in the audience had an asthma attack, and Adrienne paused briefly until the Paramedics came. The girl recovered, and attended the Stewards' party that night. ]

Adrienne on Sunday Tell us about THAT scene in "Who's Gurkhan?"
Some people were offended, because it seems Eve and Xena are revelling in their ability to kill. However, it's a beautiful mother-daughter bonding moment. Adrienne was shocked when she saw it by how much she and Lucy Lawless looked alike.

What is your favourite music?
Grand piano. She bought lots of Dave Matthews CDs.

Do you have a pet?
Adrienne's mom loved animals, and had lots of exotic species. Ferrets, foxes, multiple dogs and miniature horses.

Your music projects - have you set aside time or will you fit it in?
Happenstance the stuff she got into. It's a small industry.

You're a bit of a fatalist.
That sounds horrid. :-)

Adrienne on Sunday Now that "Xena"'s over, what will you be doing next?
Adrienne is in the middle of a film now. It should be finished, but scheduling conflicts caused an overrun. She has another project in her back pocket.

[Sean Harry comes on stage to auction a big photo of Adrienne & Hudson]
Adrienne - Nobody can say we're sweating. We're glowing! It's a hologram. If you look at it the right way we're naked.

Sean - They're naked from the waist down.

There were many fascinating actors on "Xena". Kevin Smith - she was scared to death of him, he's hugs. She was uncomfortable, it was new territory.

Kevin told her Don't worry. Every girl on this show kicks my ass! He was funny, self-deprecating, cool and calm, chilled-out and helpful. Adrienne is forever grateful.

Adrienne on Sunday
Adrienne totally loved tormenting Auntie Gabby in the episode Eve, when she used the Callisto line in the tent. Mark Beasley, the episode's director, is like a mad scientist or a crazy cheerleader, but he's always honest. Every time she works with Renee, Adrienne learns from her. Haunting of Amphipolis has a scene where Renee is possessed. Renee has honed the craft, and us not afraid of anything.

Have you made any progress on your "Mata Hari" project?
Adrienne feels that, to be honest, she's not old enough yet to play Mata Hari. She needs a couple more years. She's so in love with the project that she would rather someone else did it than it not be done at all.

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